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New Mexico is the site of exponential growth in the oil and gas industry. But as business booms across the state, supporting infrastructure has not kept up. This discrepancy is most apparent on the state’s roads, where an increase in traffic has contributed to a rise in car and truck accidents.

What is Causing Accidents?

The higher volume of traffic on New Mexico’s roads, caused by the expanse of the oil and gas industry, has been identified as a major contributing factor to the state’s increase in accidents. Many of the new work vehicles tend to speed as well, causing greater safety risks.

More vehicles, driving at higher speeds, causes significant wear and tear on the roads. Potholes and uneven roadways can be a risk factor for car and truck accidents. Additionally, many of the oil and gas workers put significant strain on their vehicles by driving so fast — maintenance issues are another cause of collisions.

Which Areas are the Most Dangerous?

The expansion of the oil and gas industry has impacted most of the state of New Mexico. Eddy County and Lea County were identified as two highly-affected areas in the state in a report on accident increases by the Albuquerque Journal. Oil and gas are produced in those counties, so more vehicles are present on the area’s roads. Some roads that are known as particularly dangerous include New Mexico State Route 128, State Route 18, State Route 31, and U.S. 285.

What Needs to Change to Make New Mexico’s Roads Safer?

The oil and gas industry is a major source of revenue for the state of New Mexico. As the state’s economy grows, its infrastructure needs to as well. Lane expansions and road additions are one possible solution. Regular repairs to maintain the area’s existing roads could help as well. For now, New Mexico drivers should focus on staying aware of potential dangers.

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