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New Mexico Medical Malpractice Attorney

Legal Counsel for Victims in Roswell & Albuquerque

Medical malpractice contains perhaps some of the most egregious cases found in personal injury law. When a trusted medical professional fails to provide the expected standard of care for his or her clients, the results can be severe and even deadly. These individuals hold a position of importance in their patients' lives and should be held accountable for negligent care. At Crow Law Firm, we are passionate about standing up for the victims of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice cases involve numerous instances of severe neglect or misconduct:

  • Birth injuries such as oxygen deprivation resulting in brain damage, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, and bruises or cuts caused by improper use of delivery equipment

  • Medication errors including over-medication, under-medication, or failure to screen for conflicting side effects caused by other prescriptions the patient might be taking

  • Diagnosis errors such as misdiagnosis, resulting in the dangerous progression of a condition that should have been identified and treated immediately

  • Anesthesia errors including administration errors and failure to wait for anesthesia to take effect before beginning surgery

  • Surgical errors such as retention of medical devices, infection, or wrong operation

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Our Roswell personal injury attorneys at Crow Law Firm are here to stand beside you during the difficult time following an injury caused by medical malpractice. Whether a surgeon, nurse, physical therapist, anesthesiologist, dentist, pediatrician, chiropractor, midwife, or any other healthcare professional caused your injury, rely on our team for the assistance and aggressive advocacy you deserve at this time. We can take legal action against the hospital in which the medical malpractice occurred. By taking legal action with the help of our law firm, you can take your life back.

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